28-летняя Джесс О'Брайен - смелая женщина, которая в Интернете представляется как The Nude Blogger («Обнаженный блогер») и пытается донести до 54 000 своих подписчиков в Instagram, в чем истинная магия голой йоги.

«Голая йога определенно помогла мне полюбить свое тело еще больше, - говорит Джесс. -

Йога - это работа ума, тела и духа. И если все делать в обнаженном виде, когда тебя ничто не стесняет, да еще и на природе, - чувство просто фантастическое!».

Блогер также отмечает, что голая йога живет не только в фотографиях идеального тела в Instagram, она жива и совершенна в любой среде и никак не связана с модельным параметрам. Голая йога магически прекрасна - как физически, так и духовно!

To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing! All I know is that I'm following my heart and, somehow, it has lead me to this. So here I am... Starting my own blog, sharing my innermost thoughts and putting it all out there for the world to see. ▫️ Yes, I'm nervous. To do this, I must allow myself to be vulnerable, and this is something I have struggled with in the past. But it is all a learning experience and I always encourage inner growth. I also understand the importance of honouring my Soul. ▫️ And it does feel refreshing... Creating and doing something out of love and hope. Doing something that is out of my comfort zone, but doing it because fear no longer blinds me from seeing the bigger picture. Doing something with the hopes of spreading awareness, inspiring change and cultivating compassion. ▫️ I see you... ▫️ The Nude Blogger x ? @dasilva___ #blog #alternative #lifestyle #taboo #consciousness #consciousliving #yoga #yogspiration #Myyogalife #vegan #plantbasedliving #travel #blogger #nude #experiencenaturism #bodyequality #getyourassintonature #raw #exposed #vulnerability #thenudeblogger

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We always hear it… 'follow your heart'… ❤️ But what does this actually mean? I watched a touching documentary the other night called 'The Power of the Heart' and it held such a beautiful and powerful resonance. As I have come to understand, sometimes following your heart will challenge you in the deepest of ways. Challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Challenge you to stop making excuses. Challenge you to stop believing in an illusion you thought was reality. Challenge you to give up that job that dims your creativity and passion. Challenge you to stop settling for a security that is mediocrity. Challenge you to step your shit up!… And once you do, you'll understand why all of this had to happen. Why we are all blessed with a sense of intuition. When we come from the heart, we embrace acceptance. We stop resisting. When we do so, we begin to discover a sense of synchronicity and alignment. Things start to seemingly and magically fall into place. When we allow for the natural order of the universe to unfold, we rediscover bliss ??? . . Thank you to @zsnvp for this amazing and magical edit of my photo ?? Please check out his work... such a talent ?? . . #heart #love #alignment #synchronicity #acceptance #universe #magic #bliss #gratitude #moon #stars

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Thank you to everyone who has played their part in helping me to get this account reactivated ???? From the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my soul ❤️ I'm still rather shocked, but if anything... I am more overcome with gratitude and love ? Whilst some of the topics I discuss can be quite confronting, candid and 'taboo', I aim to spread awareness and shed light where there is dark ✨ I believe we are all on the path of evolution, and sometimes we just need to open our minds to the unknown and unfamiliar in order to grow. To expand our awareness. I believe we must learn to cultivate tolerance. We must learn to thrive in a diverse society. We must learn to set ourselves free of the restrictions of our own perceptions, and I hope my blog can help contribute to that. May love prevail over fear, and may we see truth as we experience it ✨ . Thank you, thank you, thank you again... and thank you @instagram for allowing me the chance to continue spreading my positive message ?????? . . Please remember to follow my secondary/backup account @thenudeblogger_ too ? Have an amazing Friday beautiful people ? Much love to you all ❤️ . . ? taken by my beautiful friend @dasilva___ ?? . . #gratitude #love #peace #blessed #thankful #happy #joy #blackandwhite #photography #art #yoga

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