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Дафне из Лондона 89 лет, и она признана старейшей в мире моделью, сообщает Mirror Online. В своем возрасте Дафна снялась в рекламной кампании косметического бренда Eyeko.

Изысканная старушка начала карьеру манекенщицы еще в 1949 году, работает до сих пор и не собирается останавливаться. Дафна прекрасно осознает свой возраст и возможности, но при этом ничуть не смущается и не сомневается в своих силах.

Раскрывая секреты красоты и долгой карьеры, Дафна признается, что очень благодарна своим родителям, передавшим ей прекрасные гены. Другими факторами успеха она справедливо считает правильное питание и позитивный настрой в любом случае.

Позитивное мышление и оптимизм, которые она сохраняет всю жизнь - неизменные спутники трудолюбивой женщины.

Несмотря на солидный возраст, работы у Дафны едва ли не больше, чем в прошлом, когда она была куда моложе. Дафна до сих пор не только участвует в съемках, но и работает на показах. Ее фото украшают Vogue, Harper Bazaar и Vanity Fair.

В рекламном ролике Eyeko Дафна ведет себя естественно и органично, так что ни она сама, ни все вокруг словно не замечают ее возраста. Неудивительно, что эту женщину сделали лицом компании, ведь она является ярким примером красоты, не имеющей возрастных ограничений.

WHAT NEW ADVENTURES? At the beginning of a New Year I always like to review the last. Looking back over the last year what are you grateful for? I’m grateful that I’m still modelling and in demand. I’ve done some fabulous jobs, met amazing people, worn beautiful clothes and visited new places. I’ve been able to be useful and contribute – I particularly love mentoring my Model Family (students who have taken my online courses). I’ve socialised with friends, seen art in many forms and had the support of my family and community. My curiosity is......... to continue reading click on the link: http://www.daphneselfe.com/what-new-adventures/ Looking back over the last year what are you grateful for and what are your goals and dreams for this year? Any adventures planned? Do let me know in the comments as I’d love to know. PS: I shall be running my 4 week online Confidence Course in January - Be Confident - Feel Beautiful. Find out more in my link in my profile and make sure you receive the details. #beyourownselfe I wish you joy, peace, health & happiness and for you to be the best you you can be in 2018 Wearing Prada Everlasting Grace Harpers Bazaar Netherlands #whatnewadventures @mrferryvandernat #ferryvandernat @bazaar_nl #bazaarnetherlands #everlastinggrace @roelschagen @jamesoxleyhair @emmareganmakeup #daphneselfe

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PLACE FOR YOU - When I started modelling in the 1950s, in my early twenties, modelling was rather similar to today with fashion, glamour and advertising being the norm. What was very different was the modelling types considered. A model tended to be of a very limited ‘look' within very defined parameters - of height, body shape, skin colour and age etc. - - From the 1950s to today there has been great change and diversity. Personally, I noticed a big change in the late 1990s when I was rediscovered at the age of 70. I was asked to do a catwalk show for designer Red or Dead for London Fashion Week. It was the first time an older model had been used for such a high profile show and it made a big impact. It certainly made a very big impact on my life and this ‘new lease of life’ has continued into my twentieth year modelling revival which is incredible! What I thought might be a fun 6 months, if I was lucky, has continued on and not stopped yet, I’m so happy to say. - - The idea that someone in their late eighties......to continue reading click or tap in my profile link or copy & paste:https://www.daphneselfe.com/modelling-types/ and see my new video too! - - What about you? What type of model could you be? Do let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear. - - Look out for my next Daphne News next week with more information on my modelling course the Daphne Selfe Academy. You can get on my VIP list by clicking or tapping in my profile link or copy & paste: https://www.daphneselfe.com/courses/academy/ and go to the purple VIP button. - - - - - #daphneselfe #rainmac #daphneselfeacademy #fashionmodelling #howtobecomeamodel #Iwanttobeamodel #model #modelling #ineedhelptobeamodel #timelessgrace #traintobeamodel #zestforlife #ageisjustanumber

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